Payment Processing Litigation

For the last 20 years, we have had the privilege to develop expertise in the payment processing industry and the clients that work in it. We have assisted processors, ISOs, sales agents, acquirers, and many internet merchants and understand the rules and the responsibilities of those parties in payment processing, whether they be credit card or ACH related. We have familiarity with Card Brand rules, as well as the issues for the key players relating to chargebacks, returns, merchant reserves, and the contracts that define those relationships.

We have had experience dealing with ISO agreements, agent agreements, aggregator merchant agreements, payment processing agreements, acquiring agreements, tri-partite merchant processing agreements, and litigation stemming from a breakdown of those contractual relationships both domestically and internationally.

We have had substantial experience in representing high risk merchants and assisting them in resolving Federal Trade Commission inquiries and litigation. We also enjoyed success in recovering processing monies and merchant reserves from acquiring banks, especially international banks. We have developed expertise obligating international acquiring banks to litigate matters here in the United States, rather than in their hometown jurisdictions. We have also assisted clients in matters relating to money transmitters, money service businesses, and navigating the requirements promulgated by the FINCEN rulings of the federal government.