Cannabis Industry Matters

The firm has worked on marijuana industry matters since 2010. Mr. Steiner was originally retained as an non “industry” attorney with substantial contacts with the judges, mediators, and prosecutor concerned with pre-ICO and post-ICO dispensaries in Los Angeles and he brought his creative and common sense skills to solve complex regulatory, compliance, and licensing issues which eventually yielded the current landscape of 135 original pre-ICO dispensaries in Los Angeles under Proposition D. Mr. Steiner has represented dispensaries, industry partnerships, investors, growers, and businesses that service the cannabis industry without touching the plant. The firm has worked on transactions, partnership disputes, merger and acquisition deals, and litigation involving regulatory violations and brand conversions, among other matters. He has been asked to act as an expert to testify concerning licensing and regulatory schemes. Additionally, he and the team have worked with companies to go public on the Canadian exchanges, and dispensary banking matters relating to the industry.